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Voices from the past echo eerily through the deserted streets of towns long gone... Tumbleweeds blow across dusty roads, tumbling along to their eternal resting places in abandoned mining shafts where pick axes still stand embedded in the ground. Buildings slowly decay and collapse as year after year they stand in silence. History waits to be brought to life once again. Towns long to tell their stories and stand by silently, begging to be explored, to be researched, to be brought to life once again through the efforts of volunteer researchers and freelance historians.

Do you want to know more about the ghost towns that are in the state in which you live? The US Ghost Towns project has been put together for individuals like you - history enthusiasts and ghost town explorers who have a desire to learn more about the treasures of the past. It is the desire of the volunteers of the US Ghost Town Project to bring these towns back to their former glory through the creative abilities of our dedicated researchers who work hard to gather information and take pictures of towns bygone so that you might see what each town once was and what remains today.

Do you have a desire to be the one to bring these towns to life for a new generation of historians and explorers? The US Ghost Towns project needs your help. Volunteers of the US Ghost Towns project seek YOUR help in providing the information and history on towns long gone. There are many states that are still in need of adopting. These states need websites created that will give the information on the ghost towns within their borders. Existing sites are welcome to join the project, granted they meet the criteria and requirements listed on the main US Ghost Towns project site. There is also a great need for volunteers within each state currently listed on the site. State coordinators need the help of volunteers who can spend time taking pictures of the ghost towns in their areas and who can spend time in libraries and historical societies researching the towns to provide information for future visitors. Through a collaborative effort we can all participate in making this project a resource for historical information on ghost towns across the United States.

Will YOU get involved?

To learn more about the US Ghost Towns project, to visit the various state sites, to adopt a site, or to get involved in any way please visit We hope to hear from you soon!