Would you like to become the official ghost town state coordinator for the state in which you live? US Ghost Towns is looking for qualified individuals who are willing to dedicate some time to researching, providing information and pictures, and for being the official contact for various counties in each state within the project.


There is really no skill needed in becoming a representative. We will provide full support and training to those interested in being a representative. All you need is the desire to serve, an internet connection, an email address, and some time to dedicate to researching and finding information.


Each state coordinator will be required to:

  • put together a website for thier state (there is a web designers resource center for coordinators only plus full support) - the site must include a link back to the US Ghost Towns project site.
  • provide support for the various volunteers within your state and the project
  • respond to emails regarding counties/cities/towns in their state
  • report to the US Ghost Towns team periodically (all new coordinators are automatically subscribed to a mailing list for communication)

Additional Notes:

This is NOT a paid position. All interested applicants understand that they ARE volunteers and can be removed from their position if they are not assisting in the project or are abusing their position.

Applicants also realize that they will be subscribed to the mailing list for US Ghost Towns for discussion and participation. Removing oneself from this list constitutes removal as a state coordinator and the link removed from the website.

If this sounds like something you are interested in doing please contact us.

Still not sure? Email us your questions.